25 Days of Christmas--Day One

I haven't even blogged about Thanksgiving yet, nor about Eloise's fourth birthday party (I think I'm still recovering from all the festivities!). However, those things will have to wait, because I love to win stuff, and Hearts at Home's Jill Savage is hosting a 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway, and I get more chances to win if I blog about her daily topics. That's right, folks: because of my competitive nature, I may actually blog 25 days in a row. Or not. We'll see how it goes! So here's the first day's topic: What traditions do you and your family have for decorating for Christmas? When it's time to decorate the tree, we pop some popcorn, turn up the Christmas music, and get to work! It's always fun to unwrap each ornament and remember where or from whom we got it. The first year Mr. B and I were married, I made a bunch of ornaments. We've also tried to purchase an ornament each place to which we've travelled. There are ornaments from my former students. We have special ornaments from family and friends. A couple of years ago, Evie began making up her own "history" of different ornaments so that she could play along with the game. The girls definitely enjoy hanging the ornaments, but they probably love munching on popcorn best!


What about you? Any special holiday decorating traditions?


  1. Jessica, thanks for joining in the conversation!

  2. This is so cute, Jess! I love the one of Eloise looking into the empty bowl.