25 Days of Christmas--Day Fifteen

Welcome back for Day 15 of the 25 Giveaways of Christmas! We've talked about movies, music, decorations, trees, cards, and food...so what's left?!? Gifts! Specifically, gift wrapping. Here's Jill's question: What gift wrapping traditions does your family have? Let's see...we are definitely wrapped-gift people (as opposed to gift bags). I do most of the wrapping, although the girls help with all of the gifts they each give to others (and it is for that reason that I always stock up on scotch tape!). I read about some moms who use a different wrapping paper print or color for each of their kids. I think it's kind of fun to open gifts wrapped in all different types of paper, though. Plus, I'm not sure I'm that organized. Plus, as I mentioned before, we don't really give our kids that many gifts anyway, so I'm not sure it would mean much to anyone if I tried to do this. When I was growing up, the first presents under the tree each year were "the white presents": a present for each of us from our parents, wrapped in white tissue paper, tied with pretty red plaid ribbon and a candy cane attached at the bow. The presents had our names written in my mom's fancy handwriting with a red Sharpie. When we were older, she started tying a special ornament to each gift, too, so I have quite a collection of "white present" ornaments. My mom still continues to do white presents for us, and she has added the tradition of them always being something from IKEA. Do you have any gift wrapping traditions you'd like to share? Leave me a comment!


  1. I forgot I get a white present this year!!!!!

    That's pretty exciting! Great post!

  2. Your mom must be a really sweet person, and I'll bet she has a lot of fun planning, getting and wrapping those white presents.