25 Days of Christmas--Day Seven

Here we are at Day 7 of Jill Savage's 25 Days of Giveaways. For Day 7, Jill talks about giving gifts that give back, listing several examples. The Day 7 question: What about you...have you ever given or received a gift that gives back? Do you have any to add to our list? Since last year, Evie's Sunday school class has been collecting money to purchase animals for families, last year in China, and this year in Africa. Last year, I believe they began by raising money for a pig, then they moved on to chickens, a duck, and bags of seed. It's been very cool watching her get excited about doing extra jobs around the house to earn money to put toward the animals for these family. Then yesterday I checked out Angie Smith's blog, Bring the Rain, and she was promoting a ministry called Sweet Sleep. Sweet Sleep provides beds, bedding, and Bibles to orphans and abandoned children all around the world, and they are gearing up for a big trip to Uganda, where they hope to provide beds and Bibles to 450 children! You can donate money for beds ($88), mosquito nets ($8), mattresses ($50), bedding ($30), and Bibles ($10). Isn't that an awesome gift that gives back???

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