25 Days of Christmas--Day Twelve

It's getting late, but I'm going to quickly squeeze in a post for Day 12 of the 25 Days of Giveaways. Here's Day 12's topic: What Christmas card traditions do you have? We send Christmas cards each year. Since Evie was born, we've sent photo cards. We use a photo of the girls in front of the tree; at least one of the girls sits in a rocking chair we have from my childhood. I don't do Christmas letters...I am intimidated by the thought of writing one...afraid of leaving out an important event, or gushing too much about how wonderful my kids are, or boring everyone to tears. Besides, I have a blog, which is kind of like my chance to do all of those things anyway, all year long! The girls really got into the Christmas cards we received from others last year, particularly photo cards. It is fun for them to put faces with names of far-away friends and relatives. Do any of you have any fun card traditions? Leave me a comment and tell me all about them!


  1. My Christmas card tradition is to buy the neatest cards I can find, write a couple and find the box of cards sometime after the new year. I usually say something like, "Aw shucks," and have self-image complex, and then I do it again the next year!

    This year all my cards are written AND addressed. Let's just see if I get them OUT, though!

    I would HATE to break tradition.

  2. I used to be like Molly.. so I just quit sending them (bah humbug).  Now, when I want to leave a card for the mailman or something, I just draw one out of that box from 1996 and I'm all set!