25 Days of Christmas--Day Twenty-Three

Continuing with the 25 Days of Giveaways, here's Day 23's question: What is your favorite part of the Christmas story? Although the entire story is so amazing, I really love how, when the shepherds have heard the "good news of great joy," and gone to Bethlehem "to see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about," they worship the Child, and then they spread the word about what they have seen, and everyone who hears it is amazed. It is such a good reminder that we are supposed to share the Good News of Christmas, not just go on with life as usual! What's your favorite part of the story?


  1. I really like that part too. :)
    I like how God had it all planned out- that His Son couldn't be born of a woman that was married or had children already.
    His Son couldn't be born in a picture perfect way, on comfy blankets.
    His Son was born WAY BACK THEN, when things were so NOT like today.
    His Son was born in lowliest of all places... I mean, can you imagine delivering a baby in a barn?
    It was all part of the plan... God's plan to show us how humble and different Jesus was.
    And the star! Only GOD can plan that whole thing out... awesome. Amazing. Wonderful.

  2. Great answer, Jessica! What a neat explanation!