pray for Stellan

Baby Stellan is in Boston, scheduled to have heart surgery Tuesday morning at 8:30 am, if not sooner. Please pray for his doctors and family!


I just noticed something...

(Watch Eloise)
Monkey see...
...monkey do. And, since I'm posting more snow pictures in April anyway, don't you think Evie takes sweet pictures with snowmen?
Five and a half years old

Two and a half years old

catching up

Pretty much, I stink at blogging lately. [If you actually read this, don't take it personally: I stink at almost everything lately! I'm in a funk...but I'll get over it.] I had even forgotten what my blog looked like! Anyway, I thought I'd backtrack a bit so I can post a couple bunch of pictures from last month.
It came in like a lamb...
...and went out like a lion (or at least a friendly snow leopard).
Mr. B worked a lot of hours during March, but he still found time to spend time with his girls.
(Here they are reading a favorite, There's a Wocket in My Pocket.)
The big girls were invited to a birthday party at the fire house (the birthday girl's daddy is a fireman)!
It was fun and educational!
And we got to ride on the firetruck!
And the cake had a rainbow made of gumballs, so Eloise chewed gum for the first time (and she didn't swallow it!).
It was a great day.