25 Days of Christmas--Day Eleven

Today's official question in Jill Savage's 25 Days of Giveaways: What is your favorite Christmas movie? As I already alluded to in this post, I do love a good Christmas movie. Among my top favorites (I used to call them my "must sees," but I'm letting them go, remember?!?) are It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street (both the classic and the remake), and White Christmas. I used to enjoy the Charlie Brown Christmas special when I was a kid, but I hadn't seen it for years until last year, when we let the girls watch it for the first time. They loved it, and they frequently request that we read the book of the movie to them, so hopefully we'll get an opportunity to watch that one again this year (but if not, it's okay, because I'm letting it go!). One Christmas movie I do not like is A Christmas Story. I know there are tons of people who consider it a classic, and if you are one of them, I do not mean to offend. But I just don't get it! What's even worse is that as a kid, Mr. B looked an awful lot like Ralphie. Even in high school, kids would come to school the day after that goofy movie aired, saying, "I saw you on T.V. last night!". Weird. All I can think of is that scene where the mother is letting both boys eat like pigs (literally, I think, right?!?), and she just sits there cracking up. And that leg lamp. Like I said, I just don't get it! Do you have any favorite--or not so favorite--Christmas movies??? Please share!


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  2. I think one of my favorite Christmas movies is probably The Grinch the Stole Christmas... the original. I love all 26 minutes of it! Especially the dog.

    The other favorite is The Snowman... without any words. Do you remember it? The music makes me cry.

    (Great post, by the way!)

  3. White Christmas for sure!!! I also like some of the newer Christmas grown up movies - Love Actually and the Family Stone.

    I'm with you on the Christmas story - I don't get the appeal either. (although I had to laugh when I saw a leg lamp in a store in Crystal Lake)

  4. It's A Wonderful Life! I even wrote a song called George Bailey! You can take a listen below or watch the youtube video... thanks and happy holidays!

    Carolyn Sills