more birthday fun

We've been in quite a birthday party mode the past week or so, what with working up to Audrey's first birthday party this Saturday, and then Evie's sixth birthday party (and first ever friend party) coming up a couple of weeks after that. My brain is a mess of invitations, party games, cake ideas (thanks, Jodie, by the way for finding that link--those were some cute ideas!), goody bags, and more.
On the topic of goody bags, is it just me, or does anyone else feel guilty putting together bags of stuff that will probably make parents crazy? Or am I the only mom who feels crazed by the bags loaded with pure sugar in the form of candy (or disguised as fruit snacks) begging to be consumed, and the chintzy toys that quickly become strewn all around our house? I get it that it's nice to send your guests home with something, but I'm always hoping to come up with something more creative than the bag-o-junk I've been known to put together for these little shindigs. If you have any ideas for a barnyard party happening in less than two days, please leave a comment!
Anyway, in the midst of all my birthday party plans, Eloise was invited to attend a party for Abby and Anna, the twins with whom she played during Evie's weekly ballet lessons last spring. (You may remember me mentioning them in this post.) Eloise was so tickled to get invited to what was supposed to be a pool party. She had great fun making cards for the girls and wrapping their gifts. Unfortunately, we've been having the strangest weather lately, and the pool party was forced to change to lunch at McDonald's and then cupcakes and presents at the birthday girls' house, but I think it is safe to say that a good time was still had by all!

The Happy Meals are living up to their name

Here's Eloise with the famous Tucker

Climbing through the tubes in the Playplace

The birthday girls--such cuties!

Checking out birthday presents

It seriously was a great party. And guess what? The "goody bags"? Sand buckets with shovels, a sand mold, and a package of goldfish crackers. So cute!

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  1. Something about that little girl with the crown looks like Sarah! If they are adults receiving the gifts, you could sent home terra cotta pots with a little candle in them... maybe you could paint a little cow, or something, on it. ? I don't know. What about a coloring book or a little cheap book for the kids? Those are always usable... ?

    I miss you, and I wish I could be there for the little lady's party!