a dandelion for Tucker

On the way out the door to dance class this morning, Evie picked a dandelion for her teacher. Obviously, Scott's Lawn Service is having a hard time keeping up with the power of all these spring rains, because we still seem to have an abundance of dandelions and other weeds despite the costly lawn treatments. Eloise decided to follow suit and picked a dandelion herself. Now, Evie's dance class is a built in play-date for Eloise each week: another girl in the class has twin sisters right around Eloise's age, and they have fun playing together while the big sisters dance. As Eloise held her freshly-plucked weed flower, she told me it was for "Abby-and-Anna, no Anna-and-Abby, no..." Clearly, there was a problem. Two friends, and one flower. The obvious solution? No, not pick another dandelion to even things out. Nope. Suddenly, the dandelion was for Tucker, the three-year-old brother of another dance student. As we drove to class, I silently hoped Eloise would just give the flower to Miss Heather (or, Miss FEATHER, as Eloise says) along with Evie. Or--better yet--that she would forget the already-wilting thing in the van. But, of course, she proudly presented it to Tucker as soon as we arrived. I admit, I was a little bit embarrassed, especially when all the other moms were giggling. But when I looked at Eloise, and the sweetness and purity of her kind gesture, my embarrassment faded and was replaced, instead, with gratitude. I was so thankful she had taken off those RED SNOWMAN tights she'd had on earlier...they really clashed with that purple jumper!

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  1. You crack me up, Jess! Did we give those tights to her? And your THANKFUL she took them off!?!? Just kidding! :) You're brilliant. -Mol