another post about cake...

After writing about all the birthday cakes I've made for my girls and looking at those pictures, I really had a taste for some cake. Actually, I had a taste for some good buttercream frosting!
Needless to say, when I found out later that same day that it happened to be National Cupcake Day, it didn't take a lot to convince me that it was imperative for us to celebrate this holiday! Much to my girls' delight, I mixed up and baked some cupcakes while I cooked dinner. Then after dinner, while everyone helped clean up, I made a batch of buttercream and got out some decorating supplies. We each selected one color to tint the icing (we opted for a cool color scheme), I filled three decorator bags, and we went to town!
This was their first time using decorating bags, and they actually did quite well!
(I'm thinking that if we ever do a unit on Greek mythology, we have a perfect Medusa-inspired snack!)
Now that we've had our fun, and we've each enjoyed a cupcake slathered in blue, green, and/or purple buttercream, we sure do have a lot of leftovers...anyone interested???


  1. Okay- that looks like so much fun... but the frosting might be a bit much. LOL. I STILL need to see your bump beds. I think the tormado the other day made me forget about running up there! Oops! Soon! Love you!

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  3. Just thought I'd tell ya' that after reading this I decided to make some lemon cupcakes! They weren't as pretty, though!