déjà vu

Audrey is definitely her own person, but sometimes when I look at her I experience some major déjà vu. See what I mean?
Baby Eloise, around 5 months old
Baby Audrey, around 5 months old
Baby Evie (on right), around 11 months old
Baby Audrey, 11 months old
Baby Evie with a messy face

Baby Audrey with a messy face


  1. This is the sweetest! :) WOW! She is a bit deja vu-ish, huh? I think the girls will love looking similarly, though! (I can't wait for them to look back at baby photos and try to figure out who is who!--- That'll be funny!)

  2. Man! I can't get over that expression on Messy Evie's face! It is priceless! What is she thinking? I'm so curious!

    AND your little girls have such long eyelashes! They are so sweet! :)

    How many comments is one person allowed to post?

  3. Okay... here's my last one. Eloise. That girl STILL uses that same expression. Good work capturing it--- that little elf!

    Oh! One more thing... Doesn't Audrey always look so... contemplating... ? in all of the pictures? She seems to be an observer. So, so sweet.