will you marry to me?

Since Valentine's Day is approaching and love is in the air, I thought this might be a good time to share a little tidbit Evie recently shared with me: Evie: Mom, I know who I'm going to marry to. [Yes, this girl is a preposition-dangling queen (or at least princess)!]
Me: You do? Who?
Evie: I'm going to marry to Tristan. The next time I see him, I'm going to ask him if he wants to marry to me.

Tristan (around 6 months?) and Evie (around 2 years), scowling about their forced western wear

Me: You're going to marry him the next time you see him??? Evie: No! I'm just going to ask him if he wants to marry to me. When we're grownups. When we're thirteen. Me: Ah. Thirteen. Evie: Yeah. I know where we're going to live, too. Me: You do? Where?

Tristan (around 1 year) and Evie (around 2 1/2 years) snackin' outside

Evie: In Minnesota. I mean, if we don't have kids we're going to live in Minnesota. If we do have kids, we're going to live in...where's that place where they lived in The Sound of Music? Me: Austria? Evie: Yeah. Austria. If we have kids, we're going to live in the house where Maria and the Captain and all those kids lived in Austria. We're going to need a big house if we have kids. Me: Hmmm. That was a big house. Evie: Yeah. Can I have a snack? I'm not sure if I should be worried or not about Evie proposing marriage. The first time we had a talk along these lines was when we were reading the Little House on the Prairie series, and the book talked about Laura Ingalls having a beau. Evie was curious about what "having a beau" meant, and after I explained, she told me she thought she knew who she was going to marry (or, of course, "marry to"): Peyton. Her cousin. Before I go on, you must know that when I was around Evie's age, I was pretty sure I was going to marry my cousin, Matt, and when I told my mom about it, I distinctly remember her laughing. She laughed pretty hard, in fact. I wasn't scarred for life or anything, but I really didn't like feeling ridiculous. So, when Evie told me she was going to marry her cousin, I forced myself to keep a straight face, and said something nondescript, like, "Oh. Yes, Peyton is a nice boy." "Yes," she replied, "I was going to marry to Laurel,"--Laurel is Peyton's sister, by the way--"but she is a girl, so I picked Peyton because he is a boy and I have to marry to a boy." At least she has that part figured out, right? Anyway, Tristan is a non-female, non-blood relation, so we're on the right track. He's also a sweet little boy and the son of a very dear and long-time friend, so that's a definite plus. But can't we wait a few years before we start thinking about these things???

Evie (4 1/2), Mr. B, and Tristan (3) at the beach


  1. Make sure to put these stories in a little book for her and give it to her on her (actual) wedding day.

    That is sooooo cute!

  2. What a great story. I think you handled it perfectly! Bravo for you. You seem like a great mom.

  3. Lesley's got it right- you are a GREAT mom! And I'm sure Tristan will be very lucky to marry Evie, unless of course, that means not marrying his mommy.

  4. Out of the mouth of babes. So adorable!