Sick, Susan Salidor, and Six Months...

Mr. B's grandmother passed away last week, so Saturday was a long day of funeral, interment, luncheon, and extended time with extended family. The girls really rose to the occasion and were especially well-behaved, and it seemed like they were a genuine blessing and joy among the sorrow.
Unfortunately, Evie was coming down with something, and by the end of the day, it was obvious she was definitely sick: fever, glassy eyes, and the beginning of a cough. Sunday morning she said, "My throat feels funny, but it's not very funny to me."
Sadly, she had to miss the Susan Salidor concert we'd been looking forward to attending as a family on Sunday. I took Eloise to the concert at the library, and she had a blast! (If you're not familiar with Susan Salidor, check her out--she is great fun!) Before we left for the concert, Eloise told me, "Susan Salidor will be so happy to see me. She will say, 'Oh, Eloise, you look so pretty!'" I was thinking how sad it is that our middle child has absolutely no self esteem, but guess what? Susan actually approached Eloise after the concert, praised her for singing and dancing along the whole time, and told her she was "just the cutest thing ever." Oh, boy. (At least Eloise said "thank you"?)
Evie's fever continued to hover around 103 or so, even with ibuprofin, so I decided to take her to the doctor first thing Monday morning. As she dressed for the appointment, she came in while I was changing Audrey's diaper and said, "Mom, look at my legs: they're in really bad shape." I examined her bare legs, not sure what she meant...they looked okay to me. She bent her knees slightly, straightened them, and said, "See?". I didn't see, but I just said we'd have the doctor check it out.
Unfortunately, the doctor did not have any answers for us regarding the legs, throat, cough, or fever. She said it was probably a virus, and we were sent home to drink lots of fluids, rest, and watch movies. The poor, pathetic little thing broke my heart, laying there so listlessly.
I was so thankful when she woke up this morning and was almost fever-free. Of course, she is also very used to me waiting on her hand and foot, a fact that I quickly realized when she told me, "I think I will have an early lunch today, Mom. I'd like it now." She and Eloise have been making eachother (and their Mommy) pretty crazy all day. Oh, the whining. You can only imagine.
On a happier note, Audrey turned six months old two days ago! She is sitting up fairly well on her own now, and I think tooth #2 is on its way. Can you see it?


  1. Your kiddos are so cute!

    Hope Evie continues to get better and that the 2 won't drive you too crazy ;-)

    Happy 6 months birthday to Audrey.

  2. I thought you would post about my idea to put Eloise in a home... oh my... I've said too much.

  3. Thanks, Natalie!

    And Sarah, I'm saving that good stuff for another post (although Dad said not to post about it...

  4. Wow, you have been through a lot lately. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Hope the little one is feeling better!