My sister ran a post the other day called "What They're REALLY Saying..." which inspired me to write this post (which may very well be the first in a series of posts about misunderstood song lyrics):
Have you seen this movie? We haven't. Which is probably why, when we got this toy at McDonald's a couple of months ago (in one of my weak moments where "Happy Meal" translated "Happy Mom"), Evie was not familiar with the song it sang.
Real words: I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it!
Evie's words: Mr. Guy an' homen, homen! Mr. Guy an' homen, homen!
We tried to tell her what the guy (I think he's a raccoon? Or a lemur?) really sings, and she told us we were wrong. Hmm... Of course, she can offer no explanation of what "Mr Guy an' homen" actually means, but she's sure that's what he says.
In other news, Audrey rolled from back to tummy twice this evening, both times when I was out of the room. I decided to sit by her, determined to watch it happen. I sat and sat and sat and sat and she just laughed at me. She's probably done it a bunch of times before, too, and just rolled back to her back before I've noticed...that stinker!
Audrey also started eating rice cereal yesterday! She loved it, and acted as if she'd been eating "solids" for months.
We had a very low-key Valentines day. Mr. B had to work, so the big girls and I made some cookies for him while he was gone. They loved the baking, and he loved the cookies, so it was a love-filled day!


  1. I always crack up at the way kids sing songs! Love all the pix on this post ")

  2. I love that Mr. Guy an homen homen song. =)