Not Me! Monday

  1. I did not wear my workout clothes to bed in hopes that I would feel more motivated to go to the gym early in the morning if I was already dressed to do so. If I had worn them overnight, though, I never would have gone back to bed when my alarm went off before sunrise, instead of heading straight to the gym. Additionally, even if I had worn them overnight and skipped going to the gym in the morning, I totally didn't just wear them all day since I wasn't really going anywhere. Gross.
  2. I was not secretly disappointed that Mr. B's grandmother's funeral was not going to be out of state as we originally had expected. I am not so desperate for a get-away that a funeral seemed like a good (albeit very sad) opportunity, and Mr. B did not express the same exact sentiment.
  3. I did not eat an entire box of Reduced Fat Wheat Thins in two days. By myself.
  4. I did not take a Tylenol PM at 4:00 am after trying, unsuccessfully, to fall asleep for three hours.
  5. I also did not drink a can of Diet Coke for breakfast in hopes of countering the eventual effects of the Tylenol PM.
  6. Remember this post, when I didn't let Evie play computer games so I could take a nap? I totally didn't do that this week, either.
  7. I always keep our diaper bag well-stocked and ready for any situation, so I definitely did not leave Audrey with dried-out baby wipes and no change of clothes, and she surely didn't have a blow-out diaper while I was away. I have not been disqualified (yet another time!) for the "Mom of the Year" award...

Want to play, too? Join MckMama's Not Me! Monday blog carnival! It's great fun and kind of therapeutic to admit some of the silly things you may--or may not *wink, wink*--have done this week.


  1. What a great NMM! I loooove the workout-outfit episode best!!!

  2. Work out clothes to bed? Interesting thought! Maybe I'll try THAT next time, since nothing else is working for me!! :)