Don't touch my Diet Coke...

The other day, when Evie spent some time at her Aunt Sisi's house, Eloise had the rare opportunity to play whatever she wanted. She decided to be a schoolteacher for much of the morning. Apparently, part of playing schoolteacher means wearing a pink button that says "It's a Girl" from the hospital where my niece was born...you know, ya gotta accessorize... Anyway, I digress. A little while into her school day, Eloise came to the laundry room to inform me that Thomas and Joanie--my "children"--had to come home because they had touched her Diet Coke. The horror! She watched with smug satisfaction as I scolded both Thomas and Joanie for their soft drink handling offense. Later, both children were invited back to the classroom, although they were forced to stand next to the easel for the remainder of the day. Here is the little schoolteacher. At least her head would have been protected if Thomas or Joanie had decided to, say, throw the Diet Coke at her. Oh, and the Diet Coke was really a flip-straw bottle of water. Now that I've figured out the insert-an-image thing, here's one of Audrey and the new tooth:

The tooth is very new and very small, but it's there. Believe me. She chomped down while eating earlier. It's also very sharp.


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  2. This is precious! I love the bike helmet, and I'm not sure why she was wearing it. Do all teachers wear those? Maybe that's why my career as a teacher didn't last any longer than it did... I never wore a bike helmet to class!
    Audrey's adorable, as usual. Get some Evie up too. =)