First Blog, First Post, First Tooth

Well, here we go! I've tossed around the idea of starting a blog long enough, and I'm jumping in with both feet...er, hands. I'm not particularly witty or insightful, but a blog seems like a good place to jot down some glimpses of our little family. If people want to share them with us, great; otherwise, at least I can keep track for myself. That said, Audrey cut her first tooth today! I'm not sure what possessed me to even check her little gums, as I hadn't even thought she was going through any true teething, but there it is: a tiny, sharp white line in her bottom gum. She seemed genuinely proud of her latest achievement, and her sisters and I cheered as she laughed with her big, wide-open, not-so-toothless-anymore smile. In addition to her latest advances in dental development (??), she's rolling from tummy to back like a pro and I think she'll be sitting independently in no time. Would it be too cliche to say they grow up too quickly?

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  1. Awww! I am happy you are officially a blogger! And hooray for Audrey's first tooth. She's so proud. =D