7 delights from the day

  • Accepting a pretty picture lovingly drawn by Evie: birds in the sky, flowers growing in the grass, and a shirt hung (?) to dry.
  • Seeing Sarah and her little friend, Ella, for a few minutes this morning.
  • Waking Eloise from her nap: through her sleepy smile, the first thing she said was, "My favorite color is yellow. I like that one."
  • Watching Mr. B hold and adore Audrey after dinner.
  • Receiving a funny, made-me-laugh phone call from Molly.
  • Cuddling my freshly-bathed, freshly-nursed baby until she fell asleep.
  • Remembering--and eating--the sugar cookies I hid in the cupboard last night. Yum.

1 comment:

  1. Awww... I like the "celebrate the moment" ones. =) We should do these on Saturdays. Like "So Me Saturday." Love you, Sister! So does Ruthie Rugh Yoder.