some thoughts about thinking (and blogging)

I was just telling my sister, Molly, how I tend to think things through a lot, without saying anything until it's all thought out. A lot of times, I don't even say anything at all. Often I realize it was a silly thought to be thinking, or I am simply satisfied with my own conclusions and don't feel like anyone else would care much anyway (not in a "poor me, nobody likes me" way, but in a "that certainly isn't earth-shattering!" way). As I've been thinking about my thinking, I've realized that I fail to blog for a lot of the same reasons! When I was trying to keep up with the 25 Giveaways of Christmas--and I did better than I had expected!--it was easy to sit down and type up a quick post because I had a question to answer: Jill Savage wanted to know something, at least hypothetically, so I told her. (And no, so far I have not won anything in the Giveaways! She still hasn't posted a winner for the grand prize, so there's still a ray of hope, but I'm not holding my breath...) But over the past couple of weeks, it has occurred to me at some point each day, I really should blog today...maybe I'll write about such-and-such... And as I think through a potential post on "such-and-such," I eventually think myself out of posting it, because, really, who cares? I don't even know if I care! (And, yes, I do realize that I have failed to blog about anything related to Eloise's November birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...I plan to do those things once I get things figured out with my camera and computer!) However, for the sake of posting something in the year 2010, here are a few thoughts that seem to surface frequently as of late:
  • It is a good and noble and right thing to do something for another out of Christian love, but when it is not truly a sacrifice--when it costs the giver nothing--is it really love? Am I really sacrificing for others, or simply giving what is convenient?
  • Or, if one does make a sacrifice of comfort or resources (time, money, energy) to do something for another, but proceeds to complain about the inconvenience of the act, whether aloud or to himself, can God be completely glorified? Am I at all turning the spotlight toward myself, that I might receive recognition or pity? Do I realize how wretched I look in the light designed to shine on my holy God?
  • Speaking of resources, am I ever mindful of the immense blessings that surround me, or do I always wish for more? Do I consider the wealth of resources my own, using them to make myself "happy," and giving God the leftovers? Or do I remember that everything I have is really His, and make every effort to put the time, money, and energy He has given to me into things that show His love and further His kingdom?

I guess if I made any New Years resolutions this year, they would probably have to do with these (and other) thoughts I've been contemplating...I truly hope 2010 is a God-Glorifying year of Great Gratitude and Giving!


  1. Wow, what fantastic thoughts (that I will now probably spend hours thinking about myself)

    I know I personally blog as a therepeutic agent to release some of the billion thoughts going through my head. None of it is very profound but its a way of working through my day.

    Your questions are hard ones. I wonder if God could ever be completely glorified by a sinful human's action, even if He created us and even if the action is a good and righteous one. Disappointment is a human emotion but i've never really thought about it's spiritual ramifications in light of service/giving to others. Lots to think now!

    Have a great day!

  2. Yes, I empathize totally.  As far as pleasing to God, I have to believe He is blessed with anything we do in which we include Him.  And the more we include Him, the more we include Him!  Not just a habit, but a way of life by which we are blessed and want to experience all the time.

  3. This post was very convicting for me. It made me want to cry, honestly.

    God knows we're human and God knows that we can never be perfect. But if we know something is wrong or if we have a bad attitude, I think that is hurtful to God.

    Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! :)

    I like your new background! Did the girls design it??? CUTE!

  4. Keep blogging. I love this one. :) Just thought I'd let you know a few months late...