the princess party

Well, after putting it off for nearly two months, I am finally blogging about Eloise's fourth birthday party. I'm not really sure why, but I've always avoided anything too princess-y with my girls. Cinderella is one of the probably four movies the girls have ever seen (Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and White Christmas being the others), and they love it, and I've enjoyed watching it with them. But I just haven't pushed the whole princess thing...I think it can be a bit overdone, I guess. However, this year our preschool curriculum includes lots and lots of fairy tales, so Eloise has been exposed to "The Princess and the Pea" and "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Frog Prince," as well as many others. And, apparently, she likes them, because when it came time to plan her birthday party, she announced that she wanted a princess party, with a castle cake. So, I obliged:
Decorating princess hats
Goofy princesses (and a prince)
Evie explains "Pin the Kiss on the Frog Prince" to Tristan
Eloise tries her hand at pinning the kiss
The castle cake
Opening princess presents
The girls had fun dressing up in their princess garb. I didn't capture them in any of the photos, but Eloise also wore her yellow, sparkly, high-heeled (for real!) Minnie Mouse shoes. I think she really enjoyed herself, which is the most important thing!
Next up: Thanksgiving! (Unless I change my mind...)

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  1. So, so cool! That cake is amazing, and I LOVE the game you picked! Nicely done!

    It looks like ALL the kids had fun!