checking in

Man, I love my girls. I love to sit and watch their expressions, to see them thinking and understanding, to hear them laugh and sing. I love reading with Evie, and talking about what we've read. She rarely misses a detail, and her depth of understanding amazes me sometimes. I love talking with Eloise about life. Her four-year-old perspective of things is so honest, her compassion so genuine, and her zeal so pure. I love playing with Audrey. She pushes baby dolls in strollers, bringing them to me to hug and kiss and change their clothes. She dances dollhouse dolls through the dollhouse, turning to me from time to time to babble her explanation of what the characters of her play are saying and doing. She marches around blowing into a plastic recorder, pausing frequently to shove the slimy thing into my face for me to try. I just love them!


  1. They really ARE so neat! And they have very cool parents, too!

  2. awww... i love them too. :) i'm happy for these happy thoughts you have.