watch this girl grow!

I asked Anna to hold off on the whole growing thing for a while (at least until I had a chance to blog about her a bit), but so far she has not complied:  every day she gets a little bigger and even sweeter.  Of the four girls, I'm pretty sure she is the cuddliest baby we've had, and I'm trying to savor every cuddle and snuggle I can while she's tiny.

I took her to the pediatrician last week for her two-month checkup.  She was up to 11 pounds, 10 ounces, and 22 1/2 inches.  She started "sleeping through the night" at around 5 1/2 weeks old (going a good 6-7 hours), and the last few weeks she has been sleeping 8 hours pretty consistently.  Anna smiles easily at her sisters, daddy, and mommy, and she loves to talk to us in sweet, earnest little coos.  When I talk back to her, Audrey always wants to know what Anna said to me.

Here are week-by-week photos of sweet Anna, minus a current 10-week photo, which I'll post soon with further updates:
Just minutes after delivery

One week old

Two weeks old

Three weeks old

Four weeks old

Five weeks old

Six weeks old

Seven weeks old

Eight weeks old

Eight weeks old again--with a bow!

Nine weeks old


  1. She really is changing and growing. What a sweet baby girl. She is beautiful and it's obvious that her personality is beautiful too.

  2. AHHHHHHH! She's so sweet! What a great post!!! :) Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to meet her!