don't mess with Texas...

...or something like that! We are in Texas right now, visiting my sister and her husband. We left home Wednesday night and drove non-stop until we got here. Well, non-stop except for two stops to fill up with gas. And except for three potty breaks. The girls did great in the car. They all fell asleep right when we hit the road. It was a little disconcerting when Audrey woke up at 2 a.m., chattering and laughing away. Despite my numerous attempts to lull her back to sleep, she remained awake until about 5 a.m. She slept quite a bit of the remainder of the drive, though, so I think she probably came out close to even. We were slowed down a bit by some pretty major rain, but at long last, we arrived. It's been so good to see my sister; the girls have really missed their Aunt Molly! Tonight was a big event for the missions organization with which they are serving--the 40th anniversary--so everyone has been very busy preparing for that, as well as board meetings and such things, but we look forward to a full weekend with them both! It seems like with every other thing that happens with the girls, Molly turns to me and says, "Oh, you have to put that in the blog!". She is motivating me to become a little better devoted to keeping up with this thing...so we'll see if it sticks. One thing I don't think I've mentioned at all here is that Audrey is a toddler. She is quite proud of her newish ambulation ability, and she does not get discouraged when she falls (she has a number of bruises on her little head, though!). I had forgotten how quickly a new walker develops speed...one day she's wobbling around, and the next day she's running from the waiting area into Eloise's dance class before I even realize what has happened! My camera is still giving me fits, and I haven't taken the time to force it into submission so I can get a good walking photo or two, but perhaps tomorrow while we're enjoying the Lone Star State and two awesome people who live there. Until then, bye y'all!


  1. Aw! Many squeezes to my sister and my brother in law. Oh! And many squeezes to Matt and Molly too. LOL. JK. Of course I meant them... hugs for EVERYBODY! :)

    Miss you! Be safe and have fun!

    PS: Only 3 potty stops? Wow. You're better than I am OFF of my diuretic!

  2. I just found your blog! I love it Jess!!! I feel like I just kept up wiht so much going on wiht you guys. Where did Mr. B come from? lol Lisa Spedden

  3. I found you on MckMama's blog frog asking about dentists. I just read over there and never comment.

    Wanted to share that our daughter never went to a pediatric dentist and she's great with dentists but she's never had a problem or a cavity either. Due to our moving, she's had 4 dentists and all were the same that I see and it's been stress-free.

    I believe a lot is the attitude you take to the dentist. If mom has anxiety, they will too.

    Connie F-G
    LaVista NE