new wheels

When Evie turned five last September, we got her a bike helmet and told her we would take her soon to get a new bike.
Does nine months count for soon?
Well, after her long exercise in patience--and a good deal of shopping, both online and on-site--Evie has her new bike: a Schwinn Stardust. She is such hot stuff.
We'd planned to get her a 16" bike, but she would have outgrown a 16", probably by next month at the rate she seems to be growing lately, so the owner of the bike shop showed us how to make a 20" work just fine. Better yet, he had a 20" used Stardust in the back, upon which he put new training wheels, handle grips with streamers, and a big basket, and we made out at about a third of the cost of the new 16".
My mom didn't want Eloise to feel left out with Evie getting a new bike and all, so she brought over one of her latest garage sale finds: a Flexible Flyer tricycle, just enough smaller than Evie's old Radio Flyer trike that Eloise can easily reach the pedals.
(Because, you know, we needed another child's riding/pedalling toy around here...seven just wasn't enough!)
Eloise is equally as proud of her trike as Evie is of her bike.
I was starting to worry about keeping up with them on our walks, when I stumbled across a great garage sale deal on a jogging stroller. (Because, you know, we needed another stroller, too: an umbrella, single, double, and triple is simply not enough for one family!) Now even Audrey and I have some new wheels!


  1. Girl- don't feel bad about all the "wheels" you have at your home. :)
    I LOVE this post. Your last picture is great. Eloise really rocks those shades, huh? Such good, sweet, cute girls you have. I love them to bits and pieces. Can't help it.

  2. Ditto to the Sarah comment!